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ASZ Associates, Inc

Community  Economic Development, Real Estate and Finance


ASZ Associates was formed in 1992 to develop and arrange financing for various forms of real estate and to provide consulting services in the areas of planning and community economic development.  ASZ provides consulting services to private corporations, not for profit corporations and governmental organizations


We support you from conception to reality

We support you from conception to reality
Community Oriented Development
Diverse Planning Capabilities
Excellent Knowledge and Experience with Community Finance Programs
Extensive Not for Profit Development Experience
Experience with Development of Art and Cultural Centers
Specialty in Development of Elderly Assisted Living
Skilled in Permitting
Flexible Fee Structures

ASZ has been part owner and/or worked to develop over one million square feet of office space, housing condominiums in Boston's North End; rental housing in Dorchester; over 300 units of assisted living in Massachusetts and Connecticut; 55,000 SF of Bioresearch space,  two arts centers and various other development projects.  In addition to the development projects Alan Zimlicki, the principal of ASZ, has executed several major planning and large scale redevelopment projects.

ASZ Associates, Inc

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